Our Ward 7

About Our Ward

Ward 7 is distinguished by its leafy streets, single-family homes, transit stations and above all, its greenspace. It is home to a number of Civil War fort sites that have since been turned into parkland including: Fort Mahan Park, Fort Davis Park, Fort Chaplin Park and Fort Dupont Park, the largest city-owned park in the District. Ward 7 is also home to green spaces such as Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens, Watts Branch Park, Anacostia River Park and Kingman Island.

The neighborhoods of Ward 7 are proud, distinct and numerous. Deanwood, situated on the north end of the Ward, is one of the oldest communities in the northeast quadrant, and has a pleasant small-town character with its many wood-frame and brick houses. To the south of Deanwood are neighborhoods such as Capitol View, Benning Heights and Marshall Heights, characterized by a variety of single-family homes, duplexes, garden apartments and apartment buildings. Further south, neighborhoods including Hillcrest, Dupont Park, Penn Branch, and Randle Highlands have a very suburban character, dominated by single-family detached homes with large yards and lawns. Ward 7 also has an extensive waterfront along the Anacostia River, and riverfront neighborhoods have their own unique identities. River Terrace, Parkside, Mayfair and Eastland Gardens about the east side of the river, while Kingman Park and Hill East/Reservation 13 sit to the west.

Ward 7 Map 2022

Ward 7 Redistricting

As of January 2022, we finalized appointments for our 19-member Ward 7 Advisory Neighborhood Commission Redistricting Task Force to lead the redrawing of Ward 7 Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and Single Member District (SMD) boundaries in the final part of the District’s redistricting process. Many thanks to the Ward7 ANC Redistricting Task Force for hosting their first two public listening sessions via Zoom, which primarily focused on recommendations for ANCs 7B,7C, 7E and 7F.

Here are links to the recaps of those public listening sessions: 

Ward 7 ANC Redistricting Public Listening Session

Ward 7 ANC Redistricting Task Force Meeting 2/16/22

Redistricting in the District: What You Need to Know:

The Council of the District of Columbia continues its once-in-a-decade redistricting process. Normally, decennial redistricting begins in April, but a five-month delay in the release of 2020 Census data delayed the process.

Below, you will find up-to-date information on where we are in the Council's redistricting process:

  • January 2022: Ward Task Forces (which provide recommendations on ANC redistricting) started meeting
  • April 2022: Ward Task Forces report out recommendations
  • May 2022: Subcommittee mark-up of the ANC redistricting bill
  • June 2022: Council votes on the ANC redistricting bill

Redistricting Resources
  • See an interactive map of the 2011 ward boundaries here.
  • See an interactive map of the 2002 boundaries (the boundaries before the 2011 redistricting) here.
  • See the Subcommittee’s approved map here.
  • Office of Planning website with initial summary data from the 2020 Census, available here.
  • The Council’s legislative page for the bill changing the ward boundaries is  here.
  • The Council has approved the final ward map!  You can explore the final map as a PDF, or as an interactive map.  The final bill itself can be found here.

See the legislative histories for the 2011 and 2001 redistricting committees, including hearing videos, committee reports, proposed amendments, and vote results.

Ward 7 ANC Redistricting Task Force Members:

Brian Alcorn - ANC 6A
Tamara Blair, Chair- ANC 7D
Tomeika Bowden - ANC 7F
Francis Campbell - ANC 6B
Caprice Casson - ANC 7E
Joel Castón, Chair - ANC 7F
Dr. Marla Dean - ANC 7B
Mandla Deskins - ANC 7C
Wendell Felder - ANC 7D
Malissa Freese - ANC 7D
Keith Towery - ANC 7E
Justin Lini - ANC 7D
Nisha Patruni - ANC 7D
Max Richman - ANC 7C
Eric Rogers - ANC 7B
Ashley Ruff - ANC 7FTravis R. Swanson - ANC 7B
Patricia Stamper - ANC 7C
Lee Wilson - ANC 7E